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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am "Harmless", I am "cleanless".....

finish my 1st and last paper for my mid-term...
should feel happy and light-hearted!
complete my paper and preparing to go out from the exam hall half and hour earlier,
turn to my friend side...
they are still "get a hump" on their paper...
a guy, who sit behind me asking for help....
i have ignore him as well
"i wish to be good to everyone!
since he cant answer, why dont I put my hand in???...."
what was in my mind at that moment.....
so...pretending to check my answer with holding it high...
he keep on copy n copy n copy....
As the result ------
a big "COPY" had been written by the examiner on my pretty nice paper
and his as well!!!
oh gosh.....
and the worst is I dont ever know that guy!
my own lecturer come foward,
asking me with her sweet warm voice...
ya..i told her the true...
will she believe in me???
Probably. It’s still up in the air!
so, my word to my justifiedly lectural, "Pn Azrina, must trust me yoo!"
But what can I do???
Pray for my luck....
Contrary to some of the advice above, don't lie.
It'll only make it worse.
Spend some time thinking about the concept of cheating in Life,
and realize that what you did is merely one version of it.
Many people cheat,
whether it's by having secret notes as you did,
or by copying someone else's work,
or by faking accounting reports the way Bernie Madoff and the Enron people did,
or like Congress has been doing with Social Security for a generation.
Eventually everyone gets caught.
You've actually been blessed by being caught early.
You have the early opportunity to realize that the longer it takes to learn the lesson that you cannot consistently fake your way through Life,
the more severe the consequences
(whether to yourself or others.)
If you truly understand this,
and can articulate this clearly and sincerely,
you might just be given a second chance.
Deny and you're screwed.
by: open4one

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