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Monday, August 10, 2009


what am i going to post in this post???
hehe..the title explain everything!
Fiddlededee + nonsense + fastidium ....
sharing my days with you while
UUM emergency evacuation
due to H1N1
the immediate and rapid movement of people away from the threat
and the actual occurrence of the hazard
make us feel scared....
UUMers are trying their best to go home as fast as they can!
and of course I am 1 of them also la... haha..
wow...reali wish to share with you the photo while students' "flee from the calamity",
bt since I am 1 of them too...
so, no time for picture la!
(but, trust me! it is reali GRAND!)
eating bread while waiting for Ling Li to get for me the bus ticket...
it is reali a hard job since everyone wish to go bek so so much!
(thx lotz dear!)

am I look pity?!? eating bread beside the drain...
hehe.. acting niar!
see whats in my hand???
that's the reason I scold by WEI in my last post...
(Reali paiseh lo...)

Finally...here i am KL!
waiting for qi & DX to fetch me up at Pudu Station around 5am
ishhh....our 1st sight!
it reali make me mad!!!
2 of them are wearing mask....
"It is mummy's worlds, and we are just follow her oder!",
they told me.
ya..i know.. is for self protecting!
ok...keep on "your good job"!
bt the way,
i wanna say THANK YOU to both of You
you are comfort, warm, and meaningful to me!
I am really proud of UUMers!
You know why???
hmm... although we get extra 1 week holiday,
but UUMers are "busing" with body check-up and self-quarantine...
yea...as all of us know,
Self-quarantine is an effective way to reduce individual and family risk!
Jessi's tutorial:
"Voluntary quarantine" = public who voluntarily follow restrictions on activities as recommended by their federal, provincial or local health department.
"Self-Quarantine" = in a pandemic, many people may choose to "self-quarantine" by staying at home (not go school and work). They will also avoid social contacts such as groups or sports events.
Qi & Jes in the clinic...

while waiting for body check-up!

Qiqi in mask look... Nice also rite? (*wink*)

here we are...boring while waiting...what can we do?!?
PHOTO la.... ^^

Mr Doctor is checking for qiqi...haha, reali funny with her look!
bt the way, he is a GOOD DOCTOR!

yea...both of us are free from the influenza!
we can go shopping d!!!

** It is generally recommended that anyone infected with the influenza virus during the pandemic should stay at home or be isolated at the hospital.
1 week holiday has already end! i m going bek again to my Uni!
Thx again to Qi, DX, Fung & my cute little bro -- Sheng!

Tun-tun & Yee in the bus!
(they'r alwayz my best friend!)

Jessi & Mian + Tun's fatty finger! haa...

~Jes & Mian in bus...oops, forgotten! my "ah pi" is wit us too!~
he owayz follow no matter where am i! ^^

Here I am, UUM!
8 in the morning, staright away went to my class with sleepy mood...
"Hapi Studying, Jessi!"
Tips To Prevent H1N1:
❤ Stay at home
❤ Wash your hands
❤ Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
❤ Drink more water
❤ Wear a mask
Prevent is better than cure!

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